Maine Lobster Salad “Sauce Aurore”

Homard salad2

Sauce Aurore

At Madison Bistro, the Midtown East French Bistro that has been delighting locals for ages, French Master Chef Claude Godard always selects the freshest ingredients for his Maine Lobster Sauce Aurore

Our Maine Lobster comes daily and is surrounded by crispy fresh vegetables and Aurore sauce.

What is a “Sauce Aurore”?

This classic French sauce is named after its pinkish-red color which is reminiscent of the sunrise. The Sauce Aurore is an instant mixture of homemade Mayonnaise, a touch of tomato Ketchup and a splash of Brandy. French Master Chef Claude Godard hand picks delicious Maine lobster to make this decandent salad topped with Sauce Aurore. It’s an absolute treat.

If you are in New York and you want to try this Maine Lobster Salad with Sauce Aurore and other French classic dishes like French Onion Soup, Traditional Escargot, or a Tarte Flambee, then come to Madison Bistro.

Madison Bistro is a French restaurant headed by French Master Chef Claude Godard. He hails from Burgundy, so the menu showcases many Burgundian dishes. This French Restaurant is located a few steps away from the Morgan Library, Bryant Park, and Grand Central Station, making it a superb location for locals and tourists alike.

Bon Appétit!

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